Japanese Stroll Garden

This garden style is probably the most difficult one to duplicate in a small area but not impossible.  In the stroll garden, much attention is given to the path.  The designer can control the pace of the viewer by the placement of the stones; smaller and closer together will slow the pace; larger flat stones will allow for and encourage stopping and viewing the garden or some particular feature of interest. Often, several different types and sizes of stone or a combination of stone and rock or gravel are used to give beauty and interest to the path.  The paths themselves are a work of art.  They seldom will be straight except when possibly leading to something obvious.  In this garden, the elements of hide and seek are strongly utilized; a suggested vista or focal point just around the curve in the path or an object partially viewed commanding discovery. Irregularities in the contour of the garden are desirable and stones carefully placed to give a sense of randomness make the garden feel natural.

If gardening on any piece of land large or small is not an option for you, Japanese garden admirers may consider this option.


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