Dry Landscape Garden

One garden style unique to the Japanese is the dry landscape or stone garden.This garden is a simulation of a natural water landscape. Its style is particularily adaptable to small spaces and where water is limited, a logical  alternative.   With the use of rocks, stones, gravel, and plants-   lakes, waterfalls, mountains and islands can be represented in your backyard.  You can give the impression of calm water by raking long, straight lines into gravel or the impression of movement by raking in concentric cirles.  Plants are used sparingly and are usually finely textured, ground-hugging evergreens or a variety of thyme  that can be easily sculptured into an island or some other representative shape.  These gardens tend to be stark with a great amount of empty space since they were originally designed for meditation by the Zen monks.  They were prized for their simplicity and symbolism not their aesthetic beauty.


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