Bonsai Display Garden

Bonsai literally means, "grown in a container".  It is an art form among Japanese gardeners.  Often, a single tree is planted in a small shallow container and pruned to enhance its natural beauty and take on the appearance of age.  It may involve several plants of the same variety nurtured to look like a forest of trees.  Authentic bonsai plants take years to develop and can be very expensive to buy.  Consider investing in a couple of these beautiful specimens and displaying them on your balcony, deck or small patio.  Rustic and natural looking display platforms can be constructed of wood or stone to show them off.

Bonsais do best out of doors where they can experience their natural seasonal changes but these outside areas close to the house or apartment provide natural protection from harsher weather and wind that can damage their branches.  Mosses, grasses, or bamboo can also be planted in Japanese pottery and placed around the area as a backdrop for your Bonsai display.  Other Japanese style ornaments or artwork mounted in your protected area can enhance the atmosphere.

If space is further restricted, consider a large fluted stone planter with a natural scene featuring a bonsai tree.  It should be large enough to play with the contour of the soil.  Plant moss on your "hill", add a stone for a mountain or rocks for a stream and a bonsai tree for the focal point of your tiny landscape.  There are Japanese figurines that can be added to  the planter to complete the look.


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