Gardening in Small Spaces

"God Almighty first planted a garden."

Human life started in a garden. All peoples at all times in every place have since had their garden hideaways: the magnificent Hanging Gardens of Babylon; the walled gardens of ancient Egypt; the courtyard gardens of Rome; the cottage gardens of England; the Secret Garden; the enchanting gardens of Elrond's Rivendale. Gardens real or imagined, all evoke vivid imagery of magic, intimacy, beauty and quiet.

All the more, with today's demands of career and family life, do we need a quiet place and a few moments of beauty to take with us through our busy days. Where better to find these treasured times than in your own private garden getaway. And you don't have to have a sprawling yard to do it in. Many newly constructed homes built on tiny city lots have only limited space to garden in. The trend toward apartment and condo-living affords even less: a patio; a balcony; a courtyard. But space restrictions don't have to keep you from enjoying the pleasures of a garden.

My own love for intimate gardens was sparked years ago when I visited my husband's grandmother in Miami, Florida. A woman with endless plant knowledge and in her mid-nineties now, she still lives in her own home and cares for her own tropical, one-of-kind, city garden. Opening her back door for the first time and stepping out was like entering what one could imagine the first garden to be like. A stroll can take several hours to appreciate the glories of her breath-taking garden- all on her city lot!

There are many wonderful ideas for creating beautiful gardens in small spaces. And that is what this website is all about. Our desire is to spark and enrich your imagination in personalizing your garden space and in providing links to sites that will help you realize your garden plans.

So, welcome to our website! Please take advantage of the links on this page to browse through our site and enjoy the rich materials we have provided for you. We will be adding to our website as our offerings increase, so if you don't find what you are looking for today, visit us from time to time and perhaps we will.

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